50 days. 50th Anniversary. 50 Acts of Kindness.

Heading toward our 50th Anniversary on July 17, MCC Toronto invites you to share a recommended act of kindness and a few sentences about why that act of kindness will make our world a better place. Share your recommendations and stories with communications@mcctoronto.com and we will be publishing your responses weekly. #MCCToronto50acts


Sunday, May 28 | Day 1
Recommended Act of Kindness: Be Kind to Yourself
It’s been said that the change begins within before it can flow to others. Learning to forgive ourselves for our mistakes even as we learn from our mistakes is an act of kindness. Also, be kind to your body. It’s a gift you’ve been given.

 – Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, Senior Pastor Emeritus

Monday, May 29 | Day 2
Recommended Act of Kindness: Feed the Birds
Janet and I have put out some bird feeders in our yard. It’s mating season, and they and their babies are very hungry. It’s a kindness to them, and the bonus is that our yard is filled with colourful songbirds!

– Rev. Deana Dudley, Acting Senior Pastor

Tuesday, May 30 | Day 3
Recommended Act of Kindness: Show Your Appreciation to Retail Staff
Many local businesses display pride-themed decor or offer pride-themed goods during June. Sadly, many of the folks who speak up about such displays are those who object. So why not let staffers know that you notice and appreciate the gesture?

–  Rev. Junia Joplin, Associate Pastor of Programs & Congregational Care

Wednesday, May 31 | Day 4
Recommended Act of Kindness: Write a heartfelt note or letter to someone who will appreciate it
My daughter Kennedy’s grade one classmate has been away from school since the fall battling leukemia. There is a letterbox in her school where you can leave notes for Liam while he is away. Every few weeks, we write a letter to Liam with kind words. It helps Kennedy stay connected to Liam while he is off, and hopefully brightens his day when he reads Kennedy’s notes.

–  Shannon Malloch, Executive Director & Acting COO

Thursday, June 1 | Day 5
Recommended Act of Kindness: Always Be Willing to Listen and Help

On my way to work I once encountered an older woman standing at the front door of her building (she lives on the second floor, above a retail store) asking for help to fix her tv. Not being tech savvy, my initial instinct was to move along. But by stopping, I learned she suffers from dementia and that viewing television is very important to her. I climbed the stairs to her apartment and found notes on almost every surface – including instructions on how to turn on the tv. I turned the tv on. She was grateful. To this day, I always wave at her when I pass by.

– John R. Farrell, Senior Director of Development & Communications

Friday, June 2 | Day 6
Recommended Act of Kindness: Always respect Mother Earth
When tossing something in garbage, consider where you may reuse the item. Reusing one item, means one less item in landfill. Or perhaps you’re not sure if it can be recycled or go in compost? The City of Toronto has an app for your smartphone, called TOwaste, that can help.

– JJ Viviers, Office Manager

Saturday, June 3 | Day 7
Recommend Act of Kindness: Send a Song, or Make a Playlist
My thoughtful partner is a pro at the lost art of making me mixtapes—though these days they’re called playlists. Take a few moments in Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music to put a few songs together that remind you of a special person or time in your life and share it with them! I guarantee it will brighten their day to listen to the soundtrack of your memories together.

– Cass Hicks, Manager, Human Rights & Community Outreach

Sunday, June 4 | Day 8
Recommend Act of Kindness: Always Stay True to your Principles – even in the face of opposition
Recommend Act of Kindness: Always Stay True to your Principles – even in the face of opposition
A couple of years ago, I got a call from one of our Maple Leaf operations in Alberta. It seemed that someone had noticed a Pride Flag on the plant and had called the Manager to complain and demand that it be taken down. My Manager asked me how to respond. I said put up a bigger Pride flag …

– Michael McCain, Co-Chair, ELEVATION Campaign

Monday, June 5 | Day 9
Recommended Act of Kindness: Smile
It is such a simple thing and can be so powerful. Simply. Smile. Not only will it help elevate your mood, but for the person it is directed to it can have a powerful impact. You never know what might be happening in that person’s life at that very moment. A simple smile (from a family member, a friend or even a stranger) can change the course of their day.

– Sylvie Pelletier, MCC Toronto Board of Directors

Tuesday, June 6 | Day 10
Recommended Act of Kindness: Donate Your Time
Donate your time to either MCC Toronto, or another charity you are passionate about such as a food bank, women’s shelter, Sick Kids, or Animal Shelter.

– Stephenie Naugler, MCC Toronto Board of Directors

Wednesday, June 7 | Day 11
Recommended Act of Kindness: Be There for a Friend in Need
One evening when I was sick from a week of a bad flu a dear MCC Toronto staff member and friend made an unscheduled visit to my home with a care package of vitamin c infused drinks they made and also asked for permission to visit with me. They made me warm tea and sat with me for a long chat and meal that brightened up my evening and reminded me of the healing power of community and connectedness.

– Alain Mootoo, MCC Toronto member


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