Post-Membership Class Engagement

Thanks for attending Membership Class! We hope it was a meaningful experience for you. As you discern if you are ready to become a member, here are some documents that may be helpful:

  • Get Involved – check out our Community Guide to learn more about how you would like to get involved and more connected
  • Giving – everyone is encourage to financially support their spiritual community. MCC Toronto can really do great things when we can plan on your donation so consider donating regularly with pre-authorized payments.
  • Let’s Get To Work – part of becoming a member is joining others in helping to vision together and co-creating our future! Keep up to date with the life and work of the congregation – from new initiatives, finances and the senior pastor transition – get informed and be engaged!
  • Membership Covenant & Membership Declaration – COMING SOON!

If you would like to be received as a Member please complete this form to do so: