Children’s Ministry

An Overview


Children’s Ministry is a mission program of the church operated by the Children’s Ministry Coordinator and a great team of committed volunteers, who ensure the program respects the Core Values and Bedrock Beliefs of MCC Toronto. Team members are bound by MCC Toronto’s Code of Conduct.

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“To provide a place to conduct Sunday School that is safe, clean and conducive to learning”

“To provide a vehicle for the children of the congregation that fosters knowledge of, and respect for, all religions – in an environment that is interesting, fun and that connects to the seasonal journey of the church”


We involve the children in the life of the church through participation in special events such as Easter Service, Black History Month, Mothers and Father’s Day, and even Lessons & Carols at Christmas time. The Children’s choir sings once each month at the 11am service and also partners with other MCC Toronto teams such as Dances of Universal Peace and planting bulbs with the Garden Fairies.

Children’s Church and Nursery

Lesson plans are wholesome, fun, interactive and inclusive, reflecting MCC Toronto’s vision not only for the Sunday school but the church as a whole. Children are divided into 2 groups, 4-7 years and 8- 12 years old. The Whole People of God (WPOG) curriculum is used.

Parents are welcome to leave their babies and toddlers in the care of our Nursery Caregiver – until they become 4 years old, at which time they transition to Children’s Church. Children are always in the presence of a minimum of two adults. Parents must remain in the church in case of an emergency (please keep your cell phone on vibrate in case we need to urgently reach you.

Curriculum website:


We would love to have your children join us at Children’s Church every week, but we understand families have a lot going on, and cannot always attend.

No matter how often your child can attend, be assured they will always be welcomed with open arms.


Along with our hired Children’s Church Teacher, these 4 volunteer teams work together to bring the Ministry alive:


Facilitates communication (a) between team members and (b) between the team and the congregation, for example, through Sunday News monthly article submissions, brochures, and email updates.


Coordinates and oversees a large fundraising initiative that provides sufficient funds to hire one paid Children’s Church Teacher year-round.


Responsible for program development and planning with our teacher and volunteers, with regards to our lesson plans and our Teen Curriculum

Volunteer Coordination

Works with MCC Toronto’s Coordinator of Volunteer & Engagement and ensures that all volunteers are trained properly and are happy in their roles.


We would love to have you join us!! No matter how much time you can commit, there are many ways you can help. We respect the precious time and energy of our volunteers and wish to ensure they remain involved and valued. Speak to the Children’s Ministry Coordinator, one of the team members , call 416-406-6228 Ext.126 or email .

Questions? Ideas?

If you want any further information about our programs or volunteering please speak to any member of the team or you can contact the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at .

A member from the Ministry is always available to speak to you and hear your ideas. As you discuss Children’s Church with your child and questions/ideas arise do not hesitate to contact us!