Jazz Vespers

Are you looking to expand your musical spirituality?

Do you think you can feel your prayers more deeply with Etta James and Duke Ellington?

Does Sarah Vaughan make you say “Amen” or Frank Sinatra make you say “Hallelujah”?

Learn more about our Jazz Vespers series!

Upcoming Concert: December 3rd

(F)all that Jazz

Fall Jazz Vespers wows Homecoming crowds! Written by Edell Robinson. September 17th was Homecoming Sunday and the Fall edition of …
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Fall Jazz Vespers photo album

Homecoming Jazz Vespers Photos …
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Spring Jazz Vespers

Adventurous Jazz… Magical, Inspiring and Uplifting! The spring concert featuring a variety of professional musicians from Toronto was a spiritually …
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Jazz Vespers Appreciation

Love was in the Air! Those who attended Jazz Vespers on Sunday February 12, 2017, were treated to an early …
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