Street Church

What we are about:

Street Church seeks to encourage spiritual awareness primarily in the Church and Wellesley Village and we hope to expand to the GTA. We plan to do this through advocacy, education, public outreach and music.

We want to start by being present on the street where we will initiate conversation with people in the Village to find out their needs and what ways of communication would work best.

What would “Church” on Church Street look like? What is relevant to the people who live, work and play in the Church and Wellesley Village? If you’re passionate about bringing church to the street, connect with us!


  • August Prayers 2017! Maintaining the Good Life!

    Your life is like a song, a melody that is continuing to play on. So continue your life, your journey with confidence knowing that you are loved and your story does matter! Your unique way of telling the message of love reaches many! Rejoice in the changes you experience, the new people and the new

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News from the Street

Street church works to advance and promote a number of grass-roots issues and initiatives. We connect regularly to identify new areas of concern, plan participation in key movements, and strategize methods of community engagement.

Are you passionate about Street Church? Get in touch!

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