New Year’s reflections

MCC Toronto staff reflect on the year passed and the one ahead.

MCC Toronto staff reflect on the year passed and the one ahead.

Shelly Morris, Executive Director: 2016 was a year filled with incredible challenge and tremendous inspiration. Most of all, I was humbled by our staff and lay leaders’ ability to remain focused on our mission and our community. We’ve learned to listen and lead in new ways. Thanks to everyone who had made MCC Toronto was it is today.

Rev. Sam Morris, Pastor of Evening Worship: This has been a year of firsts for me : my first ‘job’ in 27 years; my first time preaching at all three services; my first time singing in a choir; my first General Conference; and, of course, my Ordination. It is not the things in your life that matter, it is the people. And the people in my life, in this church, mean the world to me. I hope we continue to be the team behind the Church of Yes!

Annie Menezes, Executive Assistant: How we are with each other is just as important as the goals we want to achieve. In 2016, I experienced the joy of working with our wonderful and diverse staff and volunteers! In 2017, I look forward to continued growth of our Vibrant, Inclusive and Progressive community as we encourage people to develop their talents and gifts and guide people on paths of spiritual growth.

Deana Dudley, Pastor of Morning Worship: I’m so proud that MCC Toronto has engaged in more than 175 vibrant, inclusive, progressive worship services this year – from the fabulous music and preaching of our Sunday morning services, to our rockin’ progressive praise Sunday evenings, to a multitude of deeply spiritual Wednesday evening prayer services, to some really creative approaches to liturgy – all done with the help of scores of talented, committed volunteers! Thank you!

Bryan Blenkin, Program Developer: Working on the Community Care project has reminded me of the power of working with a talented and collaborative team of staff and volunteers. As we approach 2017 I can envision our team harnessing its gifts to create a new Ministry, one that will provide important support to MCCT’s congregation.

Mike Dodds, Life Long Learning team leader: After 14 wonderful years as a member of MCC Toronto, I joined the staff in 2016. Now I am personally inspired everyday by each staff member’s commitment to BUILD BRIDGES of faith and love both within and beyond the walls of our Church. I am so excited to be launching our Life Long Learning Initiative this New Year 2017!

Kevin Coutu, Giving Programs team leader: I celebrate our amazing community. Last year, during difficult times, we came together, supported one another and listened. I am looking forward to unwrapping this New Year, discovering all of its mysteries and implementing all our best plans, knowing that whatever happens we all have this great community supporting every step of the way.

Kendrew Pape, Communications team leader: I was thrilled to see the realization of one of my biggest goals in 2016 – the inclusion of more personal stories from the congregation in our weekly news. In 2017, I’m really looking forward to re-developing and expanding the church websites.

Rev. Carmen Llanos, Pastor of Alternative Worship: I was ordained in January and had the opportunity of supporting Alternative Services and to start working in the development of the Community Care Ministry in 2016. I’m very excited about the many possibilities for the new year.