Elves deliver Christmas Magic

Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund gift boxes delivered through MCC Toronto

Wendy and I first began attending MCC Toronto in 2009 and we have been volunteer elves with the Christmas Star Box delivery program ever since.

It’s a tradition for us to deliver “Star Boxes” to people in our community. It is something that we look forward to every year, no matter how busy life is or how stressed we are, this is a priority for us and it’s quality time that we share. It is our kick start into the holiday spirit and every year Wendy looks forward to gift box lego, trying to puzzle as many boxes into the car as she possibly can and taking great joy with every success. We dress up in festive holiday gear, load up our sleigh (ok it’s a car) with bright holiday boxes and move floor to floor in high rise buildings bringing a moment of joy to the families receiving the gifts. People we pass in the hallways look at us in wonder – with our gifts piled high – and we wish a Merry Christmas to one and all. It has always been important to us to be active members in our community, to give back where we can and do our part to make our city a welcome and inclusive place for all. We are rewarded by the smiles on kids faces (and the relief on parents’) as we drop off holiday gifts that may not otherwise arrive. The gift we receive is the sense that we have done, at least, a small part to help others enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Charlene Crews-Robbins—MCCT