Community Care Status Update

Colourful people holding hands high up in a circle.

Hello from the Community Care Ministry (CCM). Since the program’s launch in January, CCM has been busy creating volunteer teams that will create the CCM programs.

Below is a list of our accomplishments and work-in-progress. A reminder, CCM programs will include Prayer and Accompaniment, Support for People Grieving, Mental Health and Wellness and Support for our Overall Community.

Volunteer Information Sessions were held with twenty-five people in attendance. On March 12th Deacons and other volunteers participated in a workshop. The objective of the workshop was to identify:

  • Congregational “care” services provided by the Deacons and opportunities to enhance services;
  • New services that could be offered by the Prayer and Accompaniment Program

Team work was prioritized, specifically:

  • Review how Deacons communicate with congregants with an eye to enhancing processes;
  • Develop a communication plan for CCM;
  • Develop a CCM website to showcase CCM programs and provide support to volunteers;
  • Develop a CCM template for documenting principles, policies and procedures.

Future Work:

Search for a partner to train Grief Support volunteers;

Create a feasibility framework for CCM’s Mental Health, Wellness and Addiction program;

Investigate the need for Healthy Aging and Creating Strong Relationships programs. Want to learn more about CCM opportunities? Contact Carmen Llanos or Bryan Blenkin at [email protected]