An Inspirational Letter

Dear MCC Toronto,

I wanted to write to tell you how moved I was by your Christmas Eve service. My husband and I stumbled across the concert while browsing the event listings for Roy Thomson hall. We both have grown up in traditional churches – Anglican and Presbyterian. In adulthood we have attended the United church and a Unity church. In the past few years I stopped going to Christmas Eve services. I found them flat and uninspiring.

Then we found your service, which was the most beautiful surprise. I had no clue what to expect and we went with open minds. To be honest, when I saw the traditional robes, I got nervous because Unity church doesn’t have the traditional clergy vestments. But then you started and you welcomed everyone, having parents and grandparents stand in support of the person in their life. Then you welcomed individuals from other faiths and I was crying with the warmth. And you went further—you welcomed anyone for whom church has not been a pleasant experience. After that my heart broke open, I knew I had found the right place.

As the service continued I felt so at peace. Then the time came for the bread and the wine and I was reminded of my childhood Anglican communion table experience. I was waiting for the usual invitation for individuals who have been confirmed, because I went through confirmation as a youth. When you said that everyone is welcome, I nearly lost my mind. Again, my heart was over flowing.

I was so moved at how inclusive your church service was – how much love and warmth filled the space. The music was outstanding and the messages hit home. I have talked non-stop to all my friends and family about your church. We went home that night feeling full of love, hope, and the belief that we knew in our hearts, as a child does, that God loves everyone and we all belong.

My husband and I wanted to let you know how beautiful the service was and we will be back next year. I plan to watch your services online because we live in Mississauga, but I also plan to come down one Sunday when the weather is nicer.

Thank God for you!