Senior Pastor Search

News from the Senior Pastor Search Committee

Finally, after much planning and anticipation, we publicly launched the search on March 6th. We are now inviting formal applications for the role. The job description and application form is available:

We encourage you to share this information with those in your network who you think may be good candidates or who can help us identify good candidates.

Applications will be open until Friday April 7th. After that the Senior Pastor Search committee will go through a process of screening and interviews that will lead the Board to the decision on a final candidate who will be presented to the congregation. A few weeks ago it was announced that we will be voting on the new Senior Pastor at our annual business meeting in June. I want to clarify that this is the timetable we hope we can achieve, but until the full process unfolds, we cannot plot the specific timetable: we will need to be nimble!

We can tell you that it is quite possible that even after the candidate is confirmed by the vote by congregational members in good standing, it may still be several months before they join us on a full time basis, particularly if they are currently serving as a Pastor in another church.

We asked our former moderator, Rev. Nancy Wilson for her best advice as we undertake this historic search. She shared two valuable insights:

  • Envision where you want to be in the future and then select an individual who will inspire and challenge and partner with you to get there;
  • Be open and do not limit yourselves.

We all need to embrace this prophetic insight as we consider our future. We have your input from the congregational survey, and we have had many individual and group conversations to help us shape the description of an ideal candidate. You want a great preacher and teacher, an inspirational leader and someone who fights for social justice issues that are important to us.

These may sound to you like we are trying to replicate Brent, but we know that our new senior pastor will be a unique individual with their own unique gifts.

We will embrace our core values in our search – spirituality, advocacy and diversity. We will not be limited based on gender, orientation, nationality, denomination or cultural background. We are a vibrant, inclusive and progressive Christian church community and we will live these values in our discernment.

This is an exciting moment for us to honour our past and even more importantly, to imagine our future. While Moses and his people may have wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, for over 40 years we have had a vision, struggled to be heard as a champion for social justice, and we have achieved tremendous victories spreading our news of God’s unconditional love. We are in an outstanding position to attract individuals who will help us write our next chapters – chapters we have not yet even imagined.

We will have regular communications updates through every means we can think of but if you don’t have the information you need, please feel to be in contact with any of the search committee members with any questions or suggestions you may have. We will answer anything we can about the process, while maintaining the confidentiality of the specific candidates who are in the process.

As an aside the Senior Pastor search has inspired the creation of a new boutique website to support the Board’s goal of regular communication to the congregation ( This will be a tremendous source for the congregation for all information from the Board going forward.

We ask you all to pray for all of us on this journey, that we may discern the candidate who will lead and partner with us as we continue to hear God’s call. Thank you.

The Senior Pastor Search Committee

Anne Brayley, Lori Boyce, Andrew Fleming