Reverend Jeff Rock

Integration plans for Reverend Jeff Rock and the gradual transfer of responsibility and accountability.

News from our Board of Directors.

Reverend Jeff Rock!

The Board and staff are continuing with our integration plans for Reverend Jeff Rock and the gradual transfer of responsibility and accountability from Brent when Brent retires.
Jeff has been busy this summer as he prepared to leave his home and church of the past six plus years. He was called to Red Deer Gaetz Memorial United Church and he helped to lead them to become more diverse and to develop a higher profile in the downtown development of Red Deer. Jeff has given multiple media interviews over the past few months – both local and on the national stage

Jeff successfully sold his condo and found a new one in Toronto as he prepares for his relocation. We look forward to him officially starting with us October 2 and his first service leading on October 8.

Our research has shown that problems developed in other congregations when there was an absence of clear roles and expectations when a new senior pastor assumed responsibilities- especially when the incumbent had a long history with the congregation. We are leveraging this research to articulate a number of key expectations for both Jeff and Brent. We will share some of these expectations after we have had some time to discuss them in person with Jeff.

As part of our Senior Pastor Transition plan, Brent and Jeff will have several months to work together so that Brent can coach and mentor and transfer corporate memory. Brent will also facilitate some meetings and introductions to individuals and groups outside of our church.

This a great time to talk about the feedback process. Anne Brayley, Andrew Fleming and Lori Boyce were on the original Search Committee. Anne is now retiring from the Board, a reprieve from her ten years of service . We therefore welcome feedback that can be directed to Andrew and Lori – in person or via email at In addition, the other Board members are also available to receive for your feedback.

If feedback is provided to other members of the staff ( including Brent ) we will ask them to re-direct the input to Andrew and Lori so we have one central source for reviewing all feedback. As always, feedback is most helpful when it is honest, objective, specific and given with an intent to be helpful. Examples are very helpful. For example: “In his sermon on October 15 I think Jeff referenced God as ‘He’. This seemed odd to me given our commitment to inclusive language.”

As part of our commitment to more regular, transparent and timely communication with the Congregation we want to highlight some of our recent activities. We meet bi-monthly and will provide you with the key points arising from our meetings. In addition, on our Board website, you can find a variety of Board documents and congregational communications.