Ordination of Sandra (sam) Morris

We are thrilled to ordain our amazing clergy candidate!

I am the wounded healer that Henri Nouwen writes about:

Wounded healers are created, not born.

We create ourselves through great pain and suffering.

We overcome fear and betrayal until our voices become clear and loud.

And we pray, with our spiritual imperfections, we pray.

We get down on our knees and we pray.

Our purpose becomes clear, and in the light we accompany others out of their own darkness, or, when that journey is not possible, we sit with them, physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that they know they are not alone.

I do this because I was born with a beautiful brain. I was born with a brain that is differently wired. A brain that does not see words the ‘normative’ way. A brain that has too much of some chemicals and not nearly enough of others. A complex, fragmented, unique brain.

God created me for this moment.

God persevered with me for this moment.

God witnessed my pain and my sorrow and gave me the strength to survive my own life, for this moment.

God gave me great gifts and privilege and I believe that if I don’t use my privilege and my gifts to talk about this life with its pain and its suffering, and if I don’t talk about this brain of mine that is differently made, then nothing makes sense. This is why I have been called, and if I don’t answer that call, for me, that is the very definition of sin. God laid out a path for me. I had human agency, and made thoroughly human choices. And realized it is not about what I did, rather, what I now do with it. Can I use this life of mine to prosper, and to give others a hope and a future?

In Victoria, on July 4, 2016, the answer came back ‘yes.’ I am to be ordained.

  • Sam Morris

August 20, 3:00 p.m. at MCC Toronto

All are welcome.