Mobile Giving

Giving Made Easy

Donating to MCC Toronto by text is a quick and easy way to give via your cellphone.

No cash? No credit card? No problem, just use your cell phone to text your donation. Your donation will be charged to your cellphone bill. Donations of $5 and $25 accepted, donate as often as you wish up to 30 donations within 30 days.

Just follow these simple instructions.

Type 30333 (Where you type a phone number)

Type MCCT6 (In the message field)

You will get this response: “Reply with the dollar amount you want to donate to MCC Toronto: 5 or 25….”

Type either 5 or 25

You will get this response: “To confirm your $5 or $25 donation to MCC Toronto, reply with the word YES. …”

Type Yes

You will get this response: “Thx! $xx donation to MCCT is charged to your phone bill….”


Is Mobile Giving secure? Our mobile giving partner, the Mobile Giving Foundation of Canada, respects your privacy. MGFC establishes guidelines around the use of the mobile channel in connection to charitable donations and adheres to a strong privacy policy.

Are there any text messaging fees incurred from making a text message donation?
No. All text messages that are required to initiate and confirm the donation are free. The only fee incurred by the donor is the dollar amount of the donation itself ($5 or $25).

Where can I obtain my tax receipt for donations made through text message?
Official tax receipts can be obtained by visiting . Please note that one must be in possession of the mobile device used to process the donation(s) in order to obtain an official tax receipt.